The beginning of my journey

I, am so full of Love right now!  I have been brewing something up inside of me for a very long time and it is ready to burst out fully!!

When I was 19 years old, my entire life changed.  I visited my parents in Denver, CO and got the Worst sunburn of my life.  My body was Purple and swollen.  It was SO painful!

The next day I went to visit a friend in Utah and his cousin was 'randomly' there visiting - Of Course!  I had never heard of metaphysics or the energy world up to that point.  My friend's cousin was aware of my sunburn (as everyone was because I could barely move) and asked if she could try reiki on me.  She said she was learning and wanted to practice.

I had no idea what this was but was willing to try Anything to relieve the pan I was feeling.  So, I stood there for about 20 minutes and she held her hands a few inches away from my back and we continued our conversation as normal.

When she finished doing reiki on me, she shared that she was receiving so many messages that she wanted to share with me.  She and I went into a separate room from everyone else and she spoke to me for about an hour.  

I was going through a lot in my life at that time and the things she shared were exactly what I needed to hear.  I cried for most of that hour and when we were done I wrote as much as I could possibly remember in my journal.  As I was writing in my journal, I had an awareness, that my sunburn no longer hurt!!!

It was transformative for my life.  I became hungry for information.  Hungry for more!  I had so many questions!  I had just had my world opened up to SOOOOOOOO many possibilities!!  I began buying books about chakras, books about the spiritual world, books bout reiki, and so much more.  I honestly didn't read many of them, but I know that having them in my space actually helped me to understand these things more.  

I began seeking out practitioners of many modalities to experience whatever I could.  Over time, I began to realize that I had the ability to help people heal, myself.  I had no training, only the experience of receiving.  I knew what it felt like in my body and so my body knew how to help others.  I've been able to help friends, my kids, animals, heck - even plants!!

I knew I had something to offer to the world but I didn't know how to do it.  I couldn't quite figure that part out.  

I let my life get away from me and got into a really dark place, to which now I am SOOO appreciative of because it is what helped lead me Here!!  Because my life was in such a low place, my only option was to decide that I wanted to feel better.  And so I focused heavily on that.

I was very intentional with my words.  Very intentional with my thoughts.  I scripted out what I wanted my life to feel like.  I wasn't specific in any way shape or form - just that I wanted to feel good and inspired and inspiring, amongst other emotions.

And that's where the magic began to unfold.

I attended my first sound bath in July of 2019.  By August, I had basically an entire set of instruments myself and began playing.  It came so naturally to me.  I just knew that I had done this before.  And that I was getting help and guidance from the universe.  I have taken many courses since then.  A few sound courses.  Reiki courses.  Lemurian courses.  And most recently, channeling coaching.  

Through all of this, the universe has dropped in my lap the right people into my life to put together a business and a website to be able to provide all of this.  It is scary, because I am stepping into the unknown.  I am learning to step into my own true power.  I am learning to trust the universe to always provide to me what it is I need.  It is scary to employ myself and trust that all will be well.  But simply looking back at these past years, the universe has continued to deliver to me Time and Time again, the people in my life, the resources to be able to do this, and the guidance to know which 'turns to take'.

I know that this is my purpose in life.  To help people wake up to what else is out there.  To help people wake up to Their own true power.  To help people feel good.  To help people feel better.  My gifts and abilities are continuing to grow by the week it seems.  My most recent endeavor has been channeling - which to be honest, is the Scariest so far!!  

But I'm trusting the universe.  I'm trusting that everything is always working out for me.  I am trusting the process of life!  I am so excited to be in this place.  This place of love, and joy, and appreciation.  I am so excited that I got that sunburn in Denver so many years ago, so that my world could be opened and I am SOOO ready to begin helping people with that journey.  And helping to support one another in our journey here on Earth.

This is a wonderful time to be alive!!!

I love you all!!!  Thank you for 'listening' and letting me be vulnerable and share!!

-Karen Berner