I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old.  And when people say it can be an addiction, that is most certainly the truth for me!!

In the beginning, I was sort of getting random things and not putting a whole lot of thought into them.  But over time, it began to be a sort of story telling of my life.  Where I was, who I was becoming, where I wanted to go.  For a Long time now, my tattoos all have a very specific meaning to me.  

Many of my tattoos are reminders.  Many of my tattoos are really for my own personal enjoyment.  Honestly, even though I am fairly covered in tattoos, I forget I have so many.  It is almost as if they have become part of my skin.  They are a part of who I am.

Several months ago, I am quite confident I visited a different/parallel realm in which I had no tattoos.  I woke up one morning in a Complete Panic scratching at my skin thinking - Who Is This Person With All of These Tattoos????!!  Where Did These Come From???!!!  I was frantically trying to take the tattoos off of my body.  This lasted for what felt like several minutes, although I am sure in 'reality' it only lasted for a few seconds before I was able to soothe myself and remember that it was me.  This was my body.  And I love my tattoos.  I love how they feel.  I love the message they bring.

I live in the Seattle area and most days are chilly here.  I am, nine times out of ten, wearing long sleeve shirts and pants.  Many people who have known me for a long time but not spent much time with me, are usually quite surprised if they ever see my in shorts and/or a tank top.

A few months ago I went on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean.  I was in shorts, tank top and/or a bathing suit for most of the 10 days.  It was then, I realized, I wanted to share to the world, what they all mean to me and why I have them.

Over the course of the next while, I will be posting pictures of my tattoos with a little story around them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Love you all so much!!!

-Karen Berner