My arm of reminders

These four tattoos are all reminders for myself.  While some of them are symmetrical so it really doesn't matter, I have them all facing towards me so that I can personally see them the way they are intended.

The first is the word SIMPLIFY to remind me that all things truly are simple.  It is also a reminder that if I'm getting all bunched up and worried about something, I just need to relax, breathe, and simplify whatever it is I am doing.

The second is a druid symbol representing my higher self.  This tattoo is to remind me to always strive to be my highest self.  I know that I always have access to my higher self, and sometimes it is nice to be reminded that I truly can be of my God self.

The third is a dorje reminding me to have compassion.  There are various interpretations of the symbol's meaning, but a common theme is that is is a masculine energy standing for diamond strength within enlightenment and clarity.  I love this because I really got the tattoo for compassion.....and I truly believe that it is because I have this tattoo with this intention, that I have been able to have compassion for myself and others on my path towards enlightenment.

The fourth tattoo is half of a bean.  It's kind of tricky to see it, but it's a bean seed that has a small sprout coming out and halved.  This tattoo is to remind me to share whenever I possibly can.  It was inspired through a song by Kimya Dawson - Sunbeams and Some Beans.  I love the message of this song in general.  At the end, she goes into more of a speaking voice than singing and 'says' - "My grandma said to me, 'If you only have one bean and you meet someone with no bean, you should give them half your bean 'cause you will be less hungry, if you eat just half a bean than if you eat a whole bean in front of somebody with no bean.'"

I love my tattoos!!!

-Karen Berner