More of my arm of reminders

It's been awhile since I posted....I took a few weeks of self reflection time :)  Hopefully you all take that needed time when inspired as well!!

These two tattoos are some favorites....although, I have SO many favorites....I suppose I wouldn't be getting these tattoos if I didn't like them, eh?

The top tattoo here is a simple drawing of a monk sitting under a tree.  It stems from a wall hanging I have with a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh - "The most previous gift we can offer others is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces hose we love, they will bloom like flowers."  It is my reminder to myself that simply being ME, is the best gift I can give anyone.  It allows me permission, and encourages me, to be my true authentic self to truly bring light into the world.

The second (bottom) tattoo here is angelic symbology from the book "Zibu The Power of Angelic Symbology" by Debbie Zylstra Almstedt.  This specific symbol represents "Release".

It wasn't until several years after getting this tattoo that I realized....placing symbols like this, and others you will soon see,the power they have from being a part of my body.  Where I once use to hold onto things, emotions, etc....I now find it generally quite easy to release that which no longer serves me.

I love you guys!!! And I hope your'e having fun peeking into the stories that my body speaks through my tattoos!! :)