And again, More of my arm of reminders

These are some more really fun tattoos I have.  All three of these are from another angelic symbology book. "Angelic Symbols: Angelic Symbols of the Purest Spiritual Healing Energy and the Highest Light and Love to Completely Purify, Perfectly Enhance, and Totally Enlighten Your Life, Here and Now" by Georgios Mylonas.

I have three kiddos, currently ages 10, 10 and 8 (Yes....I have twins lol).  I like the idea of having tattoos to represent them and I also like the idea of it being somewhat vague or not specific to the average eye.  I have another tattoo that I will share later that also represents my kiddos.  

As I read through this amazing book and chose symbols that truly resonated with me,I asked each of my kids to chose a symbol.  I didn't tell them I was intending to get their symbols tattooed, but I knew that they would pick the perfect ones.  Kids are SOOOOO aligned!!

The top symbol is chosen by my youngest and represents Cellular Healing.  The middle symbol is chosen by my oldest (of 12 minutes) and represents Mother Divine.  The bottom symbol is chosen by my middle (by 12 minutes) and represents Angelic Trust.

Even though my children are the ones who picked these symbols out.....they are True representations of things I want and encourage in my life.  Like I mentioned in my last post, these symbols being a part of my body have actually had physical impacts/manifestations in my life.  I highly recommend the use of 'magical' symbols like these in ones daily life.  Tattoos may be a bit excessive for some....but drawing them in the air, or hanging a painting of them, or drawing it on your body that can be washed off within a day or three, or etc (get creative here) can have a real impact.

I am feeling quite called to create my own set of symbols.  It is not here quite yet, but I can feel it coming soon!!

So exciting!!!!

Thank you for letting me share!!