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About Karen Berner

I am a certified Sound Healer, certified Reiki Master, and attuned to my own Personal Healing Modality.  From the first time I experienced it for myself, my life completely transformed and there was no going back.  If you have never had any of your own experiences, that is completely okay!  I had never even heard of metaphysics or energy healing the first time I received a healing.

Sound Healing uses a combination of both voice and instruments to restore the natural balance of the body.  As everything in the Universe is energy, everything is vibrating, and sometimes our bodies begin vibrating differently than its natural state.  Sound Healing promotes a relaxed state of mind which allows the self healing to occur in a quick and easy way.

Energy Healing is a holistic approach to help clear any energetic blocks.  When these blocks are removed, the body is able to heal itself through its own inherent abilities.  The intention to promote wellness and allow releasing of resistance is one of the main components that creates the environment of healing.

Our bodies are composed of Many Chakras.  There are seven main Chakras within the body.  They are the energy centers within us that create life force.  When our Chakras are operating at a proper level, we are able to move through life with more ease.  The Sound Healing and Energy Healing the I provide focuses largely, but not solely, on the Chakras. 

In addition to the Healing work, I have created handmade soaps with crystals and essential oils to assist in the wellness of each Chakra.  These soaps pamper not only your skin, but your soul, too.  These soaps are actually vibrating at high frequencies and have been infused with healing energy.

My intention is to create a space of healing and wellness in every aspect of my beingness.  My intention is for anyone who is wanting to receive this energy will be able to receive it through any of my creations.  Even looking at these words, there is healing energy poured into them.  As soon as clients schedule an appointment, there is background energy healing that begins and continues through to the appointment.

To schedule an appointment with me, click on the Services link at the top of the page.  To order the handmade Chakra soaps to assist in the healing process, click on the Products link at the top of the page.  (Or if you're on mobile, click the hamburger menu, then click the appropriate link.)

Currently all appointments will be worked remotely.

I so look forward to working with you and allowing the wellness that you deserve to flow through abundantly!!

Lots of Love and High Vibes,

Karen Berner

Group Sound Baths

Another amazing way to relax and find self healing is through Group Sound Baths and focusing your own intention on what you need while I focus an intention of compassion, love, wellness, and release.

Group sound baths will return once social distancing has been lifted.

Photo by Stevie Rotella Photography


Karen is a powerfully intuitive Sound Healer who made sure that the experience worked for everyone in the group and left me feeling seen after my individual session with her.  She's great!

Karen's remote healing session was really wonderful!  She is easy to connect with and has lots of love for her clients.  I walked away feeling much lighter, more clear and grounded and more at ease.  She shared helpful insight as well at the end as we discussed the healing experience.  Karen is a powe3reful healer with unique gifts.  I would definitely recommend her!

Jennilee Porch

I had a wonderful distant healing session with Karen.  I remember during the session, I felt a tingling sensation aruond my heart and solar plexus chakras, along the back of my spine, and overall, a general sense of upliftment after the session.  I went into the session a bit tired, and heqavy in energy, but that completely shifted in about 40 minutes with Karen.  All I really did during the session was take a nap!  Thank you, Karen!  You are truly magical!  

Michelle Wong, Inner Leader Catalyst, +Host of Sacred Emergence Podcast

Handmade Chakra Soaps

Take some time today to pamper your whole self.  Mind, Body, and Soul.

You are WORTH it!

Each of these soaps have a thin silver layer representing the Earth Chakra and a thin gold layer representing the Soul Chakra.  There is also a blend of crystals representing All of the Chakras and extra crystals of the specific Chakra that the soap is intended for.  So within each bar of soap, there is a focus on the entire outer body, a balance for the entire physical body, and a focus on one specific Chakra that may need attention.

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